Tuesday, July 10, 2007

SPI Convention Center & Nature Walk

Our 2nd day was overcast and it rained a little, so I had an idea and went to the nature walk behind the convention center.
My third visit over the years and I have yet to spot an alligator in the thick grove of cattails where they are supposed to live.
No matter, I saw plenty of nature including an egret and a heron that I caught in the same photo.
(Side note: After decades of rumors about alligators in San Antonio which most residents vigorously deny, we had one walk across a highway last month and another that was killed by law enforcement after getting aggressive in a residential area. I have always kept my eyes peeled for them hoping to obtain proof. Now I'll have to switch to jaguars, black panthers and the chupacabra.)

The footbridge shown above quickly splits into two, one that stays over the marsh and this one that extends out a fair piece over the waters of the Laguna Madre.

I like the diagonality of it, and the storm clouds.

Just as a tease, I wanted to point out that I was on the island on the 4th, and spent several hours that night at a marina.

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